Fatherhood... Ok so, father, mother, education : here is a real topic… And I'm pretty sure that most women think that their boyfriend or husband is not that great in his educational role (please girls, be honest…) Of course, father and mother do not always understand each other but hey, that's quite natural, they don't play the same role and they're supposed to complement one another.

So yes, ladies, we agree that when you leave your baby with his dad for one day or more, you could be a bit worried… A 6-month-old child is not supposed to do trampoline or watch soccer on tv, normally he should take a bath at least once a day, his diaper should be changed and he should take naps during the day. Men and women might not see things the same way, and so?


We wanted to do a test and see how things were going on between children and fathers when mothers were not here. So we've been to a BBQ party where fathers had come with their kids leaving mothers somewhere else ! Well, everything went on perfectly. Kids played together and got along very well, and on their side men also played games! (yes, that's what males do!) Kids and dads had so much fun, it was a great night. So, of course it was not as if kids had spent the night with their mothers because mother and father do not act the same way but that is the point, they don't do the same things and thank God! So ladies, you are a mother you know how to do it right with your child but his daddy knows too. Trust him, he can make it! Fortunately he is not like you. You would not stand him otherwise.

Taking care of a child can be challenging for men, but isn't for women as well? Fathers and mothers have well defined roles and children know it. They actually know that one will always say 'no' while the other will say 'yes'. Fathers have a great role to play in socialization, and we tend to forget about it. Fathers are inspiring and they are also inspired sometimes and they design Nin-Nins!

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