100% Made in France

Nin-Nin is from Burgundy and is proud of it so it seemed very natural to manufacture our products in France and more specifically in Le Creusot. So we have found awesome seamstresses who are manufacturing the Nin-Nin in every detail, one by one, with love and tenderness. It was extremely important to us to be able to control the quality of our products, and to use great skills and expertise that are today tending to fade away in our country. Nin-Nin is fun, fantastic and French!!! 

100% Gentleness  

Nin-Nin is made of 2 types of fabrics. One side is extremely soft to comfort and reassure because it must help your baby relax and feel safe when you are not here (some kids prefer you not to be here and feel pretty relaxed when far from you but let's not talk about that!…;-)) The Nin-Nin is really easy to handle and he loves giving hugs. He his so cute and sweet, your baby will love it! 

Nin-Nin, Le Doudou Made in France

100% Nin-Nin 

A Nin-NIn is a Nin-Nin and nothing else! No, daddy hasn't forgotten to make him a face… We hope that it will stimulate your baby creativity. Kids see their Nin-Nin in different way each day and it helps them to express their emotions. They can fight, cuddle or be angry with their soft toy, and so they need to see their Nin-Nin differently depending on their mood. It is not because we (poor non-creative creatures) cannot imagine what we are not able to see, that our kids are the same… trust them, they will see each day their Nin-Nin in a different way.

Nin-Nin, Le Doudou Made in France

Dépôt de la marque Nin-Nin : INPI numéro 3929708 / Reproduction interdite

Dépôt du modèle Nin-Nin : INPI numéro 20171907 / Reproduction interdite

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