A birth, A gift....

You can send the Nin-Nin you chose to a different delivery address by specifying the name and address of the recipient when you place your order. We will send you the invoice by mail. The Nin-Nin will be cosily ensconced in his tattooed box, throughout which one can see the fabric. If you want to add a message to your gift you can buy our really neat notecard and daub your message on it (we will do it for you if you chose to send your gift directly to the baby)… If you are really really cool, you can also chose to offer your gift in an amazing great fantastic fabulous extraordinary lunch bag! Yes we did it! And then daddy will proudly take his lunch bag everywhere with him… to the office, to the park, to the gym, to the aquaponey class… he will become so fancy and stylish with his Nin-Nin lunch bag! it will change his life…  If you are interested by this 'too cool' wrapping idea you just have to choose the gift pack Nin-Nin + Notecard + lunch bag before sending the Nin-Nin to your cart. 

You can choose between 2 gift packs :

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