At the beginning of the last century, in a great starry night, Andre was born. To help him fall asleep his mum made him a comforter using gingham kitchen towels, and she named it "Nin-Nin". Nin-Nin was an old French word used to say "sleep/have a sleep".

Ok…What a lovely story! It actually doesn't say what happened to Andre but we'd bet that he became a spacewalker or astrophysicist or 'astromagician'… well, anyway… you have to know that owning a Nin-Nin will make anyone so intelligent! :-) There is scientific evidence… However, more seriously, there was this guy, a great, intelligent, fashionable, wonderful, open-minded (Wow…might be a bit too much!!!) daddy who decided to give a new look to the Nin-Nin. In 2012, he made the prototype…alone…like a big boy! Remembering that story of Andre and his mummy, he made it with gingham fabric. There was a blue and a pink one. This is how the adventure started… Since then, the family has grown and the Nin-Nins have multiplied! We are proud today to show you the the whole new collection, and we hope you will love it and talk to your friends about it!


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